Of Plymouth Plantation Analysis

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Work: “Of Plymouth Plantation” Author: William Bradford Significance: Bradford is describing an example of providence, which is basically the idea that divine intervention naturally guides the world. In this case, a young man who acted pretentious was stricken with disease by a divine power, and Bradford relates the power of divinity to that of committed sin, and the results of such wrongdoing. Work: “Letter of Discovery” Author: Christopher Columbus Significance: Columbus chose to honor Christ, as it was divine power that enabled him to make the journey safely, and grant him this unique experience. Columbus also names the islands after the rulers of his homeland, who granted him the journey, as he began discovering. Work: “City Upon a …show more content…

Work: “Narrative of Captivity and Restoration” Author: Mary Rowlandson Significance: Rowlandson recalls being kicked out of the native dwelling due to overcrowding, and a native child was sick. After the child passed, Rowlandson found there was more room for her to suffer in captivity. 8. Work: “From the General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles” Author: John Smith Significance: Smith is reminiscing of the event when was battling savages at the river, while his men slept, maintaining a source of replenishment. He used another savage to defend himself, but was still shot as he struggled to fight free. He was inevitably overpowered and taken prisoner by the natives. Work: “Prologue” Author: Anne Bradstreet Significance: Bradstreet is saying that she turns her head to critics of her work, as a female poet. She is aware of the distaste for her work and her intelligence, as she was granted a more privileged life as a woman. Instead of knitting, as a Puritan woman was expected to do, she wrote poetry, and was looked down upon for it. Work: “Story of her Captivity, Sufferings, and Restoration” Author: Mary Rowlandson Significance: Rowlandson is saying that she has faced hostility from people that felt no shame for their actions, and had no hesitation for committing such volatile acts under the eyes of divine power. Rowlandson also says that she was repeatedly sexually violated, both physically and

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