Oil And Natural Gas Deep Under The Surface Of The Earth Chevron Uses Seismic Technology Essay

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Discussion point 1: In order to explore for oil and natural gas deep under the surface of the earth Chevron uses seismic technology. Oil and Natural gas are mostly found in reservoir rocks. In order to find the reservoirs Chevron employs seismic technology by sending the sound waves deep inside the earth and using geophones listening to the bounced back waves. Geophones are devices, which are used as electronic ears, which records the signal when the sound comes back from earth. The sound bounced back and signal looks like a squiggle. When numerous squiggles are placed serially inline. We can see the structures, which have a slice or cross section of the earth. And after collecting the seismic data geologists, data engineers work on interpreting the seismic data to find the formations and structures, which holds oil and natural gas reservoirs. And finally field team will drill the specific locations according to the geologists report. Chevron has 50 percent success rate in finding the oil and natural gas using seismic technology.
Discussion point 2: SCADA networks consists of many computers and software’s which performs many tasks and services in the organization or infrastructure which are considered to be backbone of the country which requires major protection from many cyber threats. In industrialized countries, precise census of SCADA systems is absent which is a big concern. Recently Incident Illinois on alleged water facility incident and Stuxnet virus proves that

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