Pros And Cons Of The Oj Simpson Case

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The O.J. Simpson case has lead to many debates and news stories about what people believed really happened. Some people think that if the prosecution team didn’t make as many mistakes as they did, then O.J. would be locked away where he belongs. Others think that O.J. did not commit any crime at all. On June 13, 1994 O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and, her friend, Ronald Goldman were found slashed to death outside her condo. Nicole Brown Simpson showed signs of little struggle. She had seven stab wounds. On the other hand, Mr. Goldman put up more of a fight suffering twenty-two stab wounds on his face, neck, chest, and abdomen. The court case against O.J. Simpson started in July of 1994. On October 3 in 1995, the jury announced the verdict for O.J. Simpson as not guilty and he is set free. Many mistakes were made by the prosecution team and some of them were they spent too long presenting all the evidence, mishandled and planted evidence, let racist issues get out of hand, lied, and confused the jurors. Alongside all the controversial issues with the prosecution team, the mountains of evidence and how long it took them to present the case in court was apart of them. First, the trial lasted from the middle of July in 1994 to the beginning of October in 1995. The longer the prosecution team drags out a case the less likely they will get the jurors to agree with their statements. Scott Turnbow, an attorney, was interviewed about his thoughts on the Simpson case.

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