Okonkwo Character Analysis

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Most people think that being just a normal human being is good enough, but in Okonkwo's case he wants to gain power and create a name for himself. Okonkwo has many different emotions and different ways to express them. Violence is a main action and emotion he uses to gain power and take control over others. Throughout the novel he is portrayed as a strong but impulsive character and shows hardship all the way till the very end. This protagonist relays himself as a multi emotional character. His actions are portrayed as loving and caring, but can be turned around in seconds to be a harmful and abusive father. His acts of violence include beating his wife, using his family, and having his dad teach him the ways of life to gain and accomplish his full potential at others expenses. As the novel begins traditions and customs are taught by Okonkwo's dad Unoka. He has to teach his sons to follow the traditions and customs to become a powerful leader and gain power that is needed for the real world. Having a fear of becoming powerless sets the tone for Okonkwo who wants to strive his hardest even when worst comes to worst. The father of three shows violence as he gets taught new traditions and has sudden emotional outbursts. Many traditions and customs were based upon social classes in this tribe, but for Okonkwo they were based upon his own goals and achievements. He decides to push himself even harder due to the fact that his father Unoka dies and is not able to complete the
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