Okonkwo's Emotions In Things Fall Apart

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Okonkwo struggles to show his true feelings in this novel as he fears what the others will think of him. He is the epitome of a masculine man in the Ibo Tribe. If he were to show his true feelings, he would lose a lot of respect from the other villagers and elders. As we have seen throughout the novel so far, Okonkwo commits several savage acts yet he refuses to show his guilt or sensitive side. In chapter thirteen, Okonkwo kills a clansman unintentionally in a freak accident when a shard flies from his gun and pierces a boy’s heart. As punishment, Okonkwo must flee from his village and all of his belongings must be burned in order to cleanse the village. However, through all of this, Okonkwo does not show any emotion. His family weeps bitterly
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