Olaudah Equiano And Thomas Jefferson

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Plenty of early American authors used religious content or ideas for political purposes. These authors wanted to change the political world around them through publishing works with religious content. Two of these writers were Olaudah Equiano and Thomas Jefferson. Equiano and Jefferson crafted letters and stories that shaped then political climate during early American times that eventually helped to build a great nation. In the biography of Thomas Jefferson it states “that he wished to be remembered for only three things; drafting the Declaration of Independence, writing and supporting the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (1786), and founding the University of Virginia.” Fortunate for him that is what he remembered for to this day. As for Olaudah Equiano, he has caused a great deal of debate as to where he grew up. There has been evidence to support him growing up in the Carolinas and there has also been evidence to support him coming from Africa. One thing is certain that he has produced high quality written material that is read to this day. Thomas Jefferson, born 1743 in Virginia, was a self-made man. He had many activities, such as law, and politics in addition to running a 5,000-acre plantation that he inherited from his father. Jefferson graduated from William and Mary College, and was a talented lawyer. Jefferson was an awful public speaker, but he was a great diplomat, which he proved throughout his life. He then went on as a member, Secretary of State, of…
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