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Compare and contrast the extent to which both novels comment and criticise on the societies which they are set in. We are introduced to both novels in the 1920s elite society where both authors; Waugh and Fitzgerald are from an upper class society. Fitzgerald cultivates the character Jay Gatsby who we perceive purely from Nick who is an onlooker throughout the novella. Readers interpret Gatsby’s social structure as a triangle and we learn to commiserate him whereas Waugh invents the character Paul Pennyfeather who is a naïve, passive character and is in the structure of a circle. The one factor that is apparent throughout the novels is that society determines their social structure.

‘Factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy’ Gatsby’s house is evidence to the upper class fetishes to grand belongings in order to show their wealth. A Marxist critic might view this as those who are on the top of the social ladder cease to see those at the bottom and become blinded by wealth. Fitzgerald is criticising society in the sense that the elite are solely dependant on their money despite them being miserable and this could refer to the saying ‘money doesn’t by happiness’ which is very true to such cases as Gatsby’s. Nicks statement is ironic since Gatsby’s name is actually Jimmy and this image which is crafted by the author is supposedly ‘perfect’ throughout the novel yet it slowly deteriorates much like the people in society who if are closely analysed, their flaws become much more observant and this is because they have their status to shadow their imperfection unlike those of working class. ‘I was responsible, no one else was interested’ a Marxist may interpret this as Gatsby is not truly privileged so he does not succeed in getting to the top and this is why his social structure is a triangle since no matter how much he alters himself, he was not born to that society. Fitzgerald could be criticising society as people do not question the structure of society and rise against it,

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