Omelas: Utopian

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In “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”, Ursula K. Le Guin describes the life of a seemingly utopian town with a hidden secret. Throughout the story, Le Guin shows the multifaceted sides of the town of Omelas and describes how on the surface, in its splendor and glory, it is a happy town that has no signs of fear, guilt, or unhappiness. However, all of this town’s glory is only achieved by the fact that there is a little child that is suffering beneath the town, hidden to the public eye. This child is said to be locked in a broom closet of some sort, where people treat it like an animal, and make their children view the harassment of this one child, in order for the people to get out their feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt, which they …show more content…

It almost creates the feeling in the reader that these people in Omelas are not helpless about their situation, but they just do not care about anyone except themselves. Furthermore, this leads to the point that the people of Omelas are self-centered and generally selfish towards their so-called lavish situation; though people may feel as if the demise of one person saves the well-being of hundreds in the overall population. This would be a primary reason as to why Omelas appears to be a city of happiness and well-being to others that know about their town. In the end, the people of Omelas are ultimately keeping this child as a societal secret so that no others that are either entering or being forced to leave from the city would be concerned about its status, and the people of Omelas can maintain their happy lives with no questions about the method of keeping it that

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