On How Ecounters between People, Societies, Cultures and Material Objects Had an Impact on Early Globalization in the Viking Age

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In my essay I will talk about how the encounters between people, societies, cultures and material objects had an impact on early Globalization in the Viking age.

Between 8th and 12th centuries the Vikings moved over and tied large parts of the world together. Vikings with their plundering and colonising were the forerunners of what we now call globalization. They were the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic and discovered Greenland, Iceland and North America with their ships. They were open to other communities by trading and merchants. When they were settled down on their new territories, they opened trade with other communities. Because they understood the currents, winds and tides so well they could do their long journeys and it was not only just for trade, also for colonization. The Vikings were an influential power by bringing their culture and beliefs with them as they settled new lands. As they were exploring and traveled to new places, they learnt new things through other cultures.

Skilled traders and explorers:
The Vikings were known as one of the best shipbuilders and sailors which allowed them to travel long distances, explore new land, increase trade that opened up new trade routes. They were very skilled traders and explorers which kept the material culture circulate through. With decades of experience of previous sailors and knowledge, the vikings had an understanding in nature. The way the vikings traveled across the oceans was by

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