The Human Story By James Davis Summary

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The book The Human Story by James C. Davis is about the way humans evolved from Homo erectus to where we are now. The book starts off by telling us how archaeologists found paintings in caves leading all the way back prehistoric times. These people were mainly from Africa and spread all across the world just because they followed herds of animals which they lived off of. They spread from Africa to Europe and Asia, from Asia they followed the herds across a land bridge to North America and all the way down to South America. They were also able to reach Australia and the island surrounding it. After a couple thousand of years they began to settle down into civilizations. These civilizations included Athens, Sparta, Sumer, Egypt, and China. We …show more content…

Water also attracted a lot of their wild game. After a couple thousand years people began to be much more civilized and formed all kinds of governments which split them into countries. These countries were very religious and James C, Davis lightly explained the different popular religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Budism, and Islam. These governments traded with each other. For example Europe traded with India for spices and China for finery like silk. We all know though that these items weren’t shipped by UPS though. The only way to really get items was to visit those countries by land and ships. This is when the age of exploration started. The age of exploration became a huge deal to the whole world because European countries founded the Americas. Not only that they began to colonize there. This book also got into the topic of how Europeans conquered land and whipped out the Aztec and Incan civilizations. After we learn about all the plagues and famine that ravaged the world we got to the 20th century. Here James C. Davis talks about Communism and World War One. We learned about the leadership struggle Russia went …show more content…

We first started evolving when we worked with the enviorment by hearding animals, killing them, and mirgrating to new locations for example Africa to Europe and Asia. Because of our migration we spread out across the world which introduced us to knew enviorments which taught us new things. Instead of only knowing one area and being simple minded to that we’ve moved all around the world and became accustomed to many other areas and animals. Our patterns of settlement has also helped because slowly over a couple hundred years people began to realize that you can plant your own crops and they would come back every year, because of this e have learned to settle in one area, specifically by water, and stay. Being by water was another advancement from becoming simple minded to now because humans realized that being by water can attract animals, grow crops more, and provide a place to drink and bathe. Demography and disease taught us new things about different types of disease and how to treat them. For example in the Renaissance era a lot of people would throw their wastes in streets. It would get into their water and just litter the streets which cause bacteria to form and sickness to spread. Since then we realized how to control certain diseases and plagues by immunizations and to be more hygienic. Lastly our advancement in technology has

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