On May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, Mr. John Frederick

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On May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, Mr. John Frederick Kennedy was born. John F Kennedy was one of nine children born to Joseph and Rose Kennedy(a very wealthy family). His father Joseph Kennedy was a businessman and politician while his mother Rose Kennedy was a philanthropist and socialite. Due to his family’s wealth, John F Kennedy 's education was more than respectable, attending many private schools since grade school. Once it was time for higher education John F Kennedy briefly attended Princeton University, then finished off by attending Harvard, and graduating with Bachelors of art in government. He later joined the office of Naval Intelligence for a few years where he then received a few medals. He then later married …show more content…

Throughout president John F Kennedy 's inaugural address speech he presents several emotional appeals to convey his feelings towards the American people. The purpose of Kennedy 's Inaugural Address speech was to inform the people of what his intentions were for the future of this country. Since this speech was based on his intentions for the future of his country, a sense of trust needed to be established between him and the people, he accomplished this by applying emotional appeals to his speech. President John F Kennedy charged up his speech by making sure he built bridges between him and the people. Through his speech, he capitalized on change, not only for America alone but for the globe itself. Since this time was not a time of peace, where war, inequality, racism was transpiring, President kennedy included numerous lines of hope, that could have potentially been used to persuade the audience to strongly believe in what he was communicating with them. He mentions “For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty…”(Kennedy para2) ,relating to all people of lower class, providing them a sense of hope in which they could look forward to. John F Kennedy then continues by summarizing that it is time for America to shape its own future and that the people as a whole can overcome any obstacle that is bestowed upon them. People at this time found these words very

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