On The 4 December 2012 A Strategy And Vision Was Created

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On the 4 December 2012 a strategy and vision was created called Compassion in Practice. This was launched by Jane Cummings who is known for her role as the Chief Nursing Officer for England and Viv Bennett who is known for her role as the Director of Nursing England (Cummings and Bennett, 2013).
‘Compassion in Practice’ consists of the 6’Cs, commonly known as the fundamental values that underpin the NHS. These 6C’s are; care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. The 6 C’s create a vision and opportunity for all health care professionals, to reinforce and implement these values into their every day working lives.
The main focus of this essay will be how communication is important and why it will always remain to …show more content…

“Very often, almost 80% of communication happens through body language (Danielle Brown, 2014)”. Non verbal communication includes the person’s posture, hand gesture, eye contact, facial expression and touch. It is important for nurses to be aware of their non verbal behaviour and how this type of communication can affect their patients and their families. As well as these two types of communication, it is also very important for nurses to be active listeners. Good communication in Nursing is less about talking and more about listening. This means not just listening to the information, but understanding the emotions of the person speaking.
The Nursing and Midwifery Council highlight the importance of communication in their code of conduct. Being a nurse comes with many responsibilities such as; updating patients periodically about their health status, speaking to them politely and patiently and making them feel comfortable and reassured (Danielle Brown, 2014). For any health care professional it is important they use the right language and terminology when updating a patient on their condition. By doing so, this gives them a clearer understanding of their condition (Donnelly and Nevelle, 2008). It’s important for nurses to recognise what they’re saying to their patients. In the health care setting it is very easy for information to be misunderstood and this may cause conflict or frustration. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to be aware of the

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