Personal Identity In On The Rainy River By Tim O Brien

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Relationships created with others have often a direct effect on your very own personal identity. In Tim Brian’s “On the Rainy River,” he tells about his experiences and how his relationship with an elderly man affected his life so dramatically. It is hard for anyone to rely on their own personal experiences fully when there are other people who have experienced different acts them their self. It takes knowledge and experience of others to help you learn and build from them to create your own personal identity. In the essay, O'Brien speaks about his experiences with an elderly man by the name of Elroy Berdahl, the owner of the Tip Top Fishing Lodge; the lodge he stays at while finding himself. The experiences O’Brien has while at the lodge …show more content…

When something wrong happens to you, your paretns are there to quickly correct t and show you that the action was not obliged by. But, they can only teach so much, they do their best to the exent of their knowledge, ub tsome thnigs we have to learn on our own. That’s what makes us human, and we learn from our mistakes and grow fro it. THe many thng you gain from your parents are often carried on wth you throughout your life and will be passed around to other people and younger generations. You also are greatly influence the people you surround yourslef by. Such as certain famly members, friends, and other peer groups. Your personality is helped bythese from ed aspects. THe type of friends you have are a major influence on your personal identity. You often try to fin into the group. They motivaste you to do certain things and actin sometimes uncomfortable ways which take a toll on your physical identity. Like how you look and dress; the way you act around people and treat them. The afffcrt of the your your firedns have on your ;ersonal identites is at the same amout your paretndo. THey can teach you moral values and tell you when you are doing sometinh wrogn. Alos often the more friends you ahve can form the type of person you are such as you how you act. if you have more friends you are generally a more open person and it is esy for you to communicate with others. If you have less

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