Essay on My Adolescence and My Cognitive Development

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When I was adolescent, I was strongly influenced by my cognitive development, experiences and people around me. First, I experienced typical psychological reactions which adolescences are likely to have: I had a lot of experiments; I had imaginably audience; and I experienced identity crisis. I was a person who had a lot of experiments. Because I was a late bloomer, I was not as feminine as other girls. However, I thought that I should behave more feminine to be an adult. Therefore, I suddenly changed my behaviors. For examples, I changed the way to talk and wear: I used the woman like way to talk and wore very feminine clothes. These experiments often surprised and confused people around me. Naturally, these changes did not last …show more content…

Also, I understood the importance of English since I could not communicate well for my lack experience to use it. After I came back, I started to think stability and money are not only factors to decide what career I take. I came to think a job which “I” regard worthy to do is the one I should do. In my case, it is an English teacher. I decided to be a high school English teacher who can teach practical English even though it was hard to change the major I would take in a university because I belonged to the class for entrance exams for science courses. Third, my parents’ parenting style influenced strongly what I am now. They had democratic parenting style. Therefore, I could discuss with my parents even something which they did not want me to do. Also, they set some reasonable rules which I should follow, and whenever they made rules they explained me why they made such rules. They advised me when I was depressed; however, they have never forced me what to do. Throughout my experience with my parents, I could understand the importance of independence and taking responsibility of my choice. Also, because they did not force their opinions, I could develop my own identity without many conflicts. Lastly, since I entered this university, I have developed my religious development level into post-conventional. Because I have lived in a dorm for international students as RA, I can meet people who have different ideas about their religion. For examples, some

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