On the Brink of Extinction Essay

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Biodiversity is the grand diversity of all life on Earth and the interconnections that support these forms of life. This astonishing diversity supports the human existence by providing numerous priceless resources such as food, fuel, and medicine. Many of these resources can not be duplicated by the human race. For these reasons it is obvious that the environment and the biodiversity that it supports are detrimental to human survival. There is one major problem that is growing each day, and that is the amount of biodiversity, along with the services and benefits that is provides is diminishing. The study of biodiversity becomes increasingly important in order to gain knowledge on how to prevent this catastrophe. The …show more content…

Methods and Materials

Site 1: Provo Canyon - I chose a site south of the river and about 100 feet above it. The vegetation was beginning to provide a high level of cover on the ground which made for an even distribution of the plant life.

Site 2: Rocky Canyon - I chose a site north of the canyon and off the trails so that I may find some undisturbed areas of vegetation. Plant life at Rock Canyon was very diverse as I discovered many new species during my survey.

Site 3: Wymount Park - I chose a site northwest of the Y symbol. The vegetation here seemed to be less dense and not as plentiful. I observed many more types of sagebrush and grass species that bushes and shrubs. The diversity was not as abundant as a small number of species seemed to dominate the area.

The procedural steps taken in this research project are straightforward, and remain identical for each specific site. First, upon arrival map out an area of 15 meters squared using wooden stakes. Then divide the area into 15 separate 1 meter by 1 meter boxes. Then assign a number to each box and write the numbers 1 through 15 on small slips of paper. In order to insure randomization, randomly select three slips of paper and observe these areas. Second, note each individual species in the box and the number of that species. Record the data, and reference a field guide to give specific names to each plant species. In order to accurately measure the amount of

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