One Of The Most Valued Amendments Written In The U.S. Constitution

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One of the most valued amendments written in the U.S. Constitution is the First Amendment, which guarantees Americans freedom of speech. Individuals view the restriction of this right to be “unamerican”. Unfortunately, over the years colleges and universities have experienced an increase of hate speech. Victims of this type of crime may suffer from emotional and psychological distress. Due to this, restrictions have been placed on the ability to speak freely (Garrett). An ongoing debate has been placed in the hands of many people regarding whether Americans should be entitled to speak in an expressive way or if schools should focus on the safety of their students (Darden). Colleges should restrict hateful speech on campus regardless of …show more content…

Similarly, imposing threats and/or hate speech upon others is a violation of others’ rights and freedoms. What is the point of having freedom of speech and a democracy in the US if it allows others to be degraded? The rights of all Americans should be respected and despite what the Constitution states, people have to take a step back and analyze the fact that their words can affect others. Students should be restricted as to what they’re saying to others for this exact reason. With little being done with the hate speech present in today’s campuses, more ignorant people are allowed to walk the streets unpunished. Hate speech must be controlled. Although people should be given the right to express how they feel, it must be done in a manner that would not cause others any harm (“Hate Speech People Students First”).
Philosophers state in unison that the freedom of expression is inevitably one the most powerful possessions a person can have. But, those who are open with their opinions are often times ridiculed. Their voices, ideas, and experiences are brushed off and silenced. When people are shut down in this manner, there may be devastating effects. These consequences are known as the silencing effect. People may begin to question most of the things they feel and will tend to believe their thoughts invalid due to the fact that others disagree. This is when people begin to shut down and

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