One Puff Closer to the Grave

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Tobacco industries are very profitable, there is no denying that, but does this profit benefit the people’s economy? Tobacco companies want the people to think that tobacco is good for the economy even though it isn’t good for health ( The tobacco industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the US, making not million, but billions of dollars every year ( The cost of smoking, however, is far higher than the income made from sales ( In 2004, the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention estimated that smoking led to health cost and productivity losses that came to a whopping average of 10.47 dollars. ( is per pack ( A study of more recent number shows that annual smoking related economic cost in the US are calculated to be between 289 billion dollar, and 332.5 billion dollars ( To further understand what this means, one must break down these numbers. In the total provided earlier, factors included consist of: 132.5 billion dollars to 175.9 billion dollars for direct medical care of adults (, 151 billion dollars for loss of productivity that was a result of premature deaths (, and 5.6 billion dollars for a lost productivity due to exposure ok smoke, or secondhand smoke ( To put this simply, around 332.billion dollars each year is wasted on smoking.
The final argument that can be made in favor of banning cigarettes in parks and other outdoor facilities is one
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