Online Shopping Vs Brick And Mortar

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Online Shopping vs Brick and Mortar Times are changing faster than ever. It seems like only yesterday that mail order catalogs, grocery stores, and shopping malls were the places to shop for items for our homes and our lives. As with all things, technology advances us to places we would have scoffed at in times past, and as technology advances, so do our shopping trends. Today, the high-energy bustle of the malls of America is dwindling down to lonely, dilapidated store fronts with “space for rent” signs becoming more numerous as the surviving stores that reach out and gasp for air. What is responsible for the shrinking of brick and mortar retailers? It is the rise of online shopping trends. Of course, online shopping is not exactly …show more content…

The company eating that cost has the potential to further increase sales as the customer may spend more since the shipping is free. The last boost in discounts would be with taxes. Buying online, a customer doesn’t have to pay taxes if there isn’t a store location within the state (Chang 4) Brick and mortar stores may have the upper hand when it comes to discounts. Local sale ads can reveal money-saving sales that can vary between time periods. Customers can plan shopping trips around the posted sales. In addition to sale ads, newspaper coupons can save a lot of money. Combining the two can save even more when customers take into account what the store sales are and then collect coupons for the items on sale to deepen discounts further (Keegan 6). Customer loyalty scan cards are another way that can save money in the store. Once signed up, loyalty cards can personalize future discounts or coupons based on past purchases on top of discounts included during the current purchase transaction (Buderi 4). These loyalty scan cards many times can be used in conjunction with other sales and added coupons. Another option for brick and mortar stores is price matching. To compete with online stores, brick and mortar stores can opt to equal a sale price advertised at another store. On the idea of customer service in the online world, trying to reach someone by phone is no longer the

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