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If you have acquired up too many traffic tickets, you might be required to attend traffic school. Even if you don't have to take traffic school, it might be a good idea as it can sometimes lower your penalties. It can also reduce the amount of points you rack up on your driver's license.

While you can attend traffic school at your local DMV, you can also take it online. The online version of traffic courses are a good fit for many people. If you are interested in attending online traffic school, use these pro's and con's to help you make your decision:

The Pro's of Online Traffic School

As you might guess, there are many advantages to attending traffic school online. Some of the most notable advantages include:

Convenient Scheduling: Since you will be attending the classes online, you can …show more content…

Some of the most notable include:

Opinions and Questions: Online courses do not give the same interaction that traditional classses do. You will not be able to ask questions easily and you won't hear the opinions of others in the class. While these aren't exactly deal-breakers, they can make you miss out on important topics that aren't talked about otherwise.
Distractions: Taking classes at home might seem glamorous, but it's often filled with distractions. The television, talking spouses or children, and other day-to-day events may distract you and cause you to miss important items. It can also be bad for the actual test and cause you to miss important questions.

While these con's are not exactly horrible, they can pose issues for certain people.

In the end, the decision to take an online class is up to you. Taking traffic courses online is ideal if you have a tight schedule or live in a rural area. Just make sure that you have a quiet space to do your work and take your tests. Additionally, talk to your DMV to ensure your local city and state recognize online

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