Online Voting And Its Impact On The United States

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Political elections in the United States needs voters to physically go to the polls to cast their vote, and in an age where technology consumes most of our day to day activities, people are seeking out convenience more than ever. In 2004, more people logged in to vote on American Idol than showed up at the polls for the presidential election. At the rate technology is developing, online voting is still a debated issue. Although there are some downsides, like with anything, online voting is more efficient and accurate. It makes the right to vote more accessible to everyone, but the disabled and elderly will benefit most from it. When voting is as simple as logging in and taking a few minutes to cast your vote, more people will be motivated to vote. Online voting would make a positive impact on the United States voting process and would motivate more Americans to vote. No one can deny the convenience that online voting gives. Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone, and internet access would be able to vote online. “In The Progressive, Wade Henderson, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and Mark Perriello, president of the American Association of the People with Disabilities, wrote of the challenges for voters with disabilities: There are more than 30 million Americans with disabilities of voting age, yet the Federal Election Commission reports that there are more than 20,000 inaccessible polling places. Some are located in

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