Only the Lonely Lose

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The scent of too much perfume and sweaty bodies hung over the crowded dance floor where couples shuffled around to the tunes of Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely”. He stumbled around, too preoccupied and too drunk to dance, and she supported him, too lonely to care. She had met him before, a brief introduction in passing, he seemed to have forgotten about it and she did not mind. He was not her kind. Two steps, a turn and a stumble, his hands found their way to her bum. Their hips rubbed together, her breasts touched his chest, and he truly saw her for the first time since he asked her to dance. His lips touched her neck and the vibrations from his voice sent chills down her spine when he said, “Do you want to go outside? It’s getting hot in here.” Blushing she stopped dancing and put her hand in his, she did not doubt what the tone of the voice meant, it was happening at last. Hurrying to keep up with his stride she prayed that they would not bump into someone she knew. He dragged her through the crowded hallways, past the car park and into a park. The chilly night air made her shiver when they slowed down to a normal pace, and she questioned her own sanity for a brief moment. In a secluded area he pushed her with her back against a tree. Impatiently lifting her skirt up while pushing her legs apart with is body. Kissing her neck while lifting her blouse and playing with her breasts. Shivering from the cold and from the excitement building up she put her arms around him.

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