Ontario EIA Case Study

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The Ontario EIA was first passed by the Ontario government in 1975, and has been constantly updated throughout those years with its latest update dated on October 25, 2010. The Ontario EIA is process for reviewing the environmental impacts of various proposed projects that may or may not need government funding. To achieve government funding, the EIA needs to be approved by the Ontario government before all process can move forward. The Ontario EIA is required only for public projects however, if a special regulation is passed it can also be applied to private projects or private firms may voluntarily go through the EIA process. Public projects proposed by the provincial ministry and agencies, municipalities such as towns, cities and counties, …show more content…

Public projects are complex, large-scale projects that may have potential environmental …show more content…

Public and Government Review
The Ministry is responsible to consult with the public and different government agency and any other potential stakeholders. The public has a total of 7 weeks to comment on the undertaking after viewing the EA documents. The proponent can also find a mediator if there are concerns related to the undertaking so that the assessment process can continue.
5. Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Review
The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change will review all the public and government agency’s comments as well as the proponent’s response to the comments and will publish its decision after 5 weeks. They will also review if the proponent has met the Environmental Assessment Act standards.
6. Public Consultation on the Ministry Review
The review from the Ministry is then publicly published for the public and government agencies as well as stakeholders to give comments to the ministries decision. A total of 5 weeks is given and during this time the public or government agencies and issue a hearing and give suggestions to any problems that the Ministry finds.
7. Minister’s Decision
After the public consultation a final decision by the Minister will decide the approval of the undertaking. During this time another hearing may occur or simply the refusal of the EA may also

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