Open Letter From Birmingham Jail Research Paper

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In April of 1963, eight clergymen published an open letter: it was a plea for “A Call for Unity.” Birmingham, Alabama was one of the most racially segregated cities in the U.S. There were separate water fountains, separate doors, separate seats on the bus, separate schools, and separate hospitals. This was happening due to one of the court rulings which was “Separate but equal” but actually it wasn’t equal. For example, the white hospitals were in better condition compared to the Black hospitals. However, many Blacks didn’t agree with this so they decided to demonstrate in order to get their equal rights. As Easter was approaching, many people were making holiday purchases. The protesters took advantage and started creating demonstrations. Martin Luther King Jr. created multiple demonstrations that took place in the downtown …show more content…

However, it was required to have a permit in order to protest which Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t have. These demonstrations began to get out of hand as more and more people began to get more vocal. The tension was at an all time high between the whites and the blacks. Due to these actions, eight Clergymen in Birmingham, Alabama published an open letter to those who opposed the desegregation laws and to the protestors in order for them to understand that the public demonstrations aren’t solving the problem. The only way to solve this problem is by taking it to the court. This open letter acknowledged their reasons for protesting but persuaded the call for unity for both sides. In the meantime, they want both sides to maintain law and order and try to unite with each

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