Essay about Operation of National Security Agency (NSA)

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This article in particular involved several large companies and government agencies that deal with vast amounts of peoples’ private information such as buying habits and personal online activity. Some of the companies involved in this dispute include social media giants like and Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as well as other huge internet corporations such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Apple, and Google. On the federal side of this fiasco includes government organizations like the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The primary issue of discussion includes the perceptively unwarranted mining of people’s information through the use of sites like Facebook and Google. Other issues at hand also …show more content…

For instance, one of these giant internet based companies may track and record users’ spending history via internet stores and subsequently proceed to sell this information to marketing companies who then use this information to sell consumers targeted products based on data that they purchased. Some of these companies, like Facebook, claim this right and include it as part of their privacy policy in which users have to agree with before using Facebook’s services.
This article coincides with Chapter 12 regarding consumer law. Consumer privacy is a largely unregulated section of business. Other states, such as European Union, have already developed policies concerning the use of consumer information in commercial markets. Other have suggested that the United States develop current organizations such as the The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to include a role in consumer privacy regulation. Regarding consumer law, the issue of consumer privacy is involved in both advertising and credit protection. The credit scores of citizens can be investigate by government agencies as well as marketing companies that buy this information. Furthermore, the various types and vast quantities of personal information like buying habits, purchasing preferences, and consumption history,

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