Opinion on Abortion Essay

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Opinion on Abortion

Abortion is when a foetus is expelled from its mother's womb before the pregnancy reaches full term (usually 40 weeks). The abortion act says that a woman can have an abortion if the pregnancy would put her in danger, or if the baby was so handicapped that it could not survive independently and it would have no quality of life. The act also says that these reasons for abortion are accepted whereas a woman who simply did not want another child would not be allowed to abort her pregnancy.

Many Christians oppose abortion. Two reasons that they give for this are because they believe that life begins at conception and so to abort an embryo would be considered as murder. They
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Some passages of the Bible also teach that God has planned each being and planted them in the womb:

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together

In my mother's womb."

This backs up the Christians point of view giving a strong argument for abortion and reasons using references from the Bible and what God seemingly wanted.

Some churches would believe abortion to be allowed because there are some situations where the most loving thing to do would be to abort the pregnancy. One situation would be where the mother is endangered by the pregnancy and a possible effect of this would be the death of both the mother and the child. The most loving thing to do in the situation would be to save the mother by aborting the foetus. The United Reformed church believes that there is a difference between an undeveloped embryo and a foetus about to be born. They would not think of a few-week-old embryo as a child. They believe that sometimes abortion is necessary but that it should be taken seriously. Another possible scenario would be mother pregnant with the child of a rapist. This is a tough question, but would you keep the baby or not? The Church of England would allow an abortion because of the trauma involved with raising the child and the "father".

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