Opportunity And Hope In Elie Wiesel's The Pearl

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Christian Balderas Things that we are given by people, or things that we find, have different meanings to people. They also have different meanings at different periods of time. Like the pearl that Kino found. In general, the pearl meant opportunity and hope. To Kino, it meant hope, then greed, and then evil. To other people in the community, such as the doctor and Kino’s brother, Tomas. To the doctor, it meant that he could have been able to go to Europe, and to Tomas, it meant evil. The pearl in general, meant opportunity and hope. Opportunity because it could have helped anyone who was poor be able to reach a higher level that they weren’t able to get without the pearl. An example of getting to a better place would be by getting a rifle, …show more content…

It meant hope because it meant that everything would be fixed, especially his son Coyotito. Coyotito was stung by a scorpion, which is the reason for Kino to look for a pearl, for its value, and for what it could do, and in this case, help Coyotito get rid of the poison that was in his system. Later on in the book, the pearl had changed Kino’s mind. When the pearl buyers offered Kino money, Kino got angry, because they were giving him a low price. He said that he had the pearl of the world. Then he turned the offer down, and was angry. This showed that greed took over him and that anything could change a person. The next thing it meant to Kino was evil. When he was on the run with his family, he repeated what he was hoping for, and when he started to say these things, the pearl gave him visions of what was to come. To other people, like the doctor and Tomas, Kino’s brother, the pearl had a different meaning. To the doctor, it meant opportunity. Opportunity because when he was think about the pearl, he was thinking of himself in Europe. He saw himself being served wine in Paris, France. To Tomas, it meant evil. Evil because when he gave his opinion to Kino about the pearl, he said that don’t let the pearl corrupt you, and don’t let control you with its value. He also told Kino that he thought it was better if Kino had sold the pearl to the pearl buyers because it could cause

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