Opposing Arguments About Immigration

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Michael Rastegar Essay II Professor Grimstead Eng 1S Sec 2 Word count: 1538 Essay II Immigration (Merriam-Webster), “The movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there”. Or in other words, when a group of individuals make a permanent move from their home country to another is an issue facing society today. Throughout history, immigration has always been a prevailing concern for societies amongst most nations. Due to this, many have given their own input and interpretation in regards to this matter. Two individuals such as Dr. Richard Rodriguez and Professor of Earth and Environmental sciences, Dr. Mark Pires have both given similar compelling arguments about immigration. Given though specifically their texts address different…show more content…
However, Pires makes the case that there are still some concerns that society does face with respect to the environment. One issue in particular would be Climate Change. This has awakened the world due to the damaging effects it could potentially leave us with. Action has been taken to solve this potential catastrophe by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Also, Pires brings up ecotourism which in short means when people travel to specific parts of the world and follow the principle’s of a naturalist which means that during your visitation you don’t do anything harmful to the visiting nations environment in any way, shape, or form. He thinks that if society respects one another’s natural resources, the better off we will be as a…show more content…
The Pocahontas story is one of assimilation. The true Pocahontas emigrated to England and is buried there. The Disney version of Pocahontas however is far more romantic. In the true story, the daughter of a Native American chief fell in love with the head group leader of English settlers. She risked her own life to save Englishmen John Smith. Thanks to her devotion, smith and the colony of Jamestown survived. This marked the first successful English settlement of the new world. Later on in life she was Baptized to become a Christian. She was then christened by "Lady Rebecca". At first Pocahontas was not accepted by the colonists in the same manner as an Englishwoman would’ve been. One reason is due to her name “Pocahontas” which was of Indian dissent. Eventually she assimilated in society, which serves as an analogy to the real world. This is because in the real world cultures assimilate in nations they’ve immigrated
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