Oppression Is The Foundation Of Revolution

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Oppression is the foundation of revolution. Injustice fuels revolutionary fervor in the oppressed. In the eyes of the colonists, the British oppressed the colonists. In the late Eighteenth Century, increased taxation and restrictions imposed by the British were intolerable actions. Many colonists saw these actions as unjust and oppressive. Increased political restrictions and economic exploitations resulted in increased revolutionary fervor. The oppression of the colonists during Britain’s seemingly tyrannical reign led to the American Revolution. Colonists were outraged by Britain’s disregard of the British Constitution displayed by taxes and restrictions. . Economic acts implemented by the British resulted in other complaints regarding the circumstances under which the acts were implemented. In other words, the American Revolution was comparatively not about money. Although America’s problems with Britain were seemingly economic, colonists cared more about political power and independence than taxation itself. Grievances expressed by colonists mostly reflected the a lack of representation, the minimization of colonial self-government, and the deprivation of rights. Consequently, the American Revolution was caused by British economic and political policies that led to unfavorable colonial opinions of the 18th Century British government.
Although many factors contributed to the colonial decision to declare independence and start the American Revolutionary War, economic

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