Oppression Through Out Mankind 's Life

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There is many form of oppression through-out mankind’s years such as slavery, cast system, and even the downright denial of human rights to different cultures, races, demeanor, and even gender. These oppressive acts are justified mostly by cultural and religious reasons. In this essay we shall be discussing 3 different stories that show these cages.
The first story is the story of “YOL” or when translated from Turkish “The Way”. In this it tells the story of 3 prisoners, we will only are discussing two, on leave of absence in Turkey for being good.
The first prisoner Seyit Ali finds that his wife has betrayed him and works as a prostitute. She was caught by the family and held captive for honor killing. he shows determination at first, while traveling in the cold Turkish winter his wife starts to freeze. Having a change of heart, he decides to try to save her but his efforts are in vain.
The second, Mehmet Salih, was arrested for his role in a heist with his brother-in-law, whom he abandoned when he was being shot by police. Since his in-laws believe he was the one at fault for the brother in laws death they want nothing to do with him because of this he is forced to tell his wife what really happened. With the knowledge of what really happened Emine decides to run away with her husband and get on a train. Sadly, they get caught in the toilet, on the train, while having long-awaited passionate copulation with each other. Due to cultural reasons it spikes up an upset

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