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mKawai Makue Roewe ENGL 101 H July 29, 2015 Optometry Under a Microscope A patient follows a nurse into a vacant room with a chair in the center. The patient takes a seat in the chair and starts to observe everything around her. There are machines connected to the chair and more machines surrounding it. On the wall parallel to her there are letters that increase in size row after row on a large white paper. The doctor comes into the room and examines the patient by using the machines and making her read the letters on the wall across. The doctor continues to exam the patient by using a flashlight to see how the eye will respond. All these tests will allow the doctor to see how poor the patient’s vision is. All of these details will happen …show more content…

Primary eye care in the U.S. is a huge industry because there is an overwhelming amount of people that demand Optometrists. The demand for Optometrists is at an ultimate high, according to the American Optometric Association, employment will grow at a rate of 33% and is ranked #12 on the list of America’s top 100 jobs. In 2012 there were 40,000 Optometrists and 202 million people in need of vision correction. There is currently one licensed eye professional per 3,500 people and studies show that on average Optometrists see 19.8 additional patients per week if they are completely booked without adding hours to their practice. This means that Optometrists are doing a lot more than they can actually handle. Over the next decade the amount of patients will continue to increase especially through the elderly and those at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes “is the leading cause of new cases of blindness” and 2000 to 2050 there will be a 165% increase of people diagnosed with diabetes, so Diabetes will be another main reason for the demand of Optometry (Review of Optometry). The ratio between patients and Optometrist care providers are almost quadruple the amount. Vision Web shares that “over the past decade, as the U.S. population expanded 0.9 percent annually, the vision correction population grew at the same rate” (10). This means that as the population continues to grow, so does the demand for Optometry. The demand for Optometry continues to grow and the only way we can manage the amount of people demanding eye care is increasing the availability of doctors throughout the country. We can start doing this by making sure more Optometry schools are available within the medical field. Gonzaga should have an Optometry Program because of its location, Washington needs an Optometry program, and the demand for it will continue to go on a rise. The lack of Optometrists needs to resolved by adding a new

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