Oregano Disinfectant Spray

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Oregano Disinfectant Spray

A Research Proposal

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in
“Research I”



All proposed researches require gathering information about a certain topic. In this chapter you will read about what our topic is all about and the reasons why we had come up with this research proposal. 1.1 Background of the Study For centuries up until the present day, plants have given us so many things to our society. They can be used as food to give energy or to give cure for some illnesses. It has so many uses which is important for our daily living. The Origanum vulgare, also known for its common name Oregano (sometimes …show more content…

We don’t need to import from other countries because the oregano plant is very much accessible to us Filipinos. Those who will benefit from our research can use the product in their own homes especially in areas wherein bacteria can accumulate. Another is that the next generation of students can learn something from our research. They may get ideas from it and help them in their own study for the problems that we are experiencing right now may not be the same in the future. 1.4 Scope and Limitations

The goal of our research study is to come up with an oregano disinfectant spray. The use of this disinfectant spray is to rural households which live in Metro Manila. It will be done with a few experiments to test its effectiveness. The sources that we will be getting are from the Philippines. We will use our own products to give it a more natural and organic spray. We will focus with the use of this sprayer to other citizens living near bodies of water. This study will cover the viral bacteria, including germs affecting the community. We base our study with the help of other international-related topics, including the importance of the disinfectant spray. But this will only help us to know how to deal and experiment with our study. The limits and the occurrence of this study will only be here in

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