Organ Donation : A Controversial Issue

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Organ donation is a controversial issue in most countries which simply involves the donation of a biological organ or tissue from a living or dead human body to a living recipient who needs a transplant or for scientific research. There have been several debates on the issue that everyone should be willing to donate their organ as it is of no use when they die. Some members of the public consider organ donation as an ultimate gift of life. Some people on the other hand, consider it improper due to religious or moral belief. A donor card is a card which a person carries to specify the approval to the use of their organs or body parts for transplantation or scientific use in the event of their death. This essay will support the statement that everyone should carry a donor card and state the reasons on how it can help improve the chances of survival. Organ donation could save the life of so many Individuals. One organ donor can save or significantly improve the lives of a minimum of seven others (Morgan, 2004). There has been a severe shortage in the availability of organ for transplantation. Presently, more than 40,000 patients in the United States are expecting organ transplants and it is guesstimated that about 60,000 people die yearly due to limited availability of organ for transplantation (Skumanich et al., 1996). The demand for organ donor is rising as transplant surgery turn out to be increasingly popular and successful in saving the lives of many individuals. Card
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