Organ Trafficking Essay

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There should be a call for stricter regulation of post-mortem human tissue. It would seem obvious that what is of paramount value in life would necessarily depreciate in death. This in not true of the human body. With the emergence of biotechnology and the consequent need for post-mortem human tissue, the human cadaver has become quite valuable. In pieces and parts or in its entirety, organizations will pay top dollar for the human body, even after it houses the human spirit.

Throughout history, civilizations have found uses for the bodies, organs and tissue of the dead. The potential for the human cadaver is ever-expanding. “Since 1954, human organs have been successfully transplanted into living recipients who would otherwise die.” …show more content…

Donors and their families take comfort in the belief that their generosity will save or at least improve at least one life. Also, donor families assume that their loved one’s donation will be handled respectfully. Those who donate their bodies to science may envision medical students in white lab coats, hovering over their cadaver. “A donor reasonably proceeds in the expectation that the body and organ donation system runs as a charitable enterprise for the common good.” (Ranee Khooshie Lal Panjab) Regrettably, those who think that are misinformed.

At death, the body is customarily relegated to the services of a funeral home, which functions in a highly regulated industry. Licensed funeral directors, embalmers and crematory managers follow strict federal regulations in the disposition of the bodies entrusted to their care.
From the rise in both supply and demand of donated tissues flows the equally important responsibility of government oversight. Oversight of donated cadaver tissue is important. The technical aspect of tissue bank oversight includes both safety and efficiency. The concern for safety comes from the potential transmission of communicable diseases to tissue processors and recipients. In terms of efficiency, oversight serves to maximize the probability that tissues and cells are made available on a priority basis to

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