Organizational Model Of Terrorism

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Terrorism today is an international problem. Terrorism is more than just attacks. It includes damage to property, government, intimidation, corruption, money laundering, and attempting to justify violence, threats, and intimidation. There are many types of terrorist groups. An important part of forming a terrorist group is the organization. This determines the organizations strengths and weaknesses. There are many factors that effect the way a group organizes itself and comes together. Financial support, location, opposing forces, and the number of active followers all play a key part in the decision process for adopting a specific organizational form. Some of the organizational models include lone wolves, cell, network, hierarchical, umbrella, and virtual organizational model. One of the most important elements of a terrorist group is secrecy. And with these different organizational models, terrorist are able to keep those secrets. Timothy McVeigh (responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing which killed 168 people). Sayfullo Saipov, (Responsible for the New York attack which killed 8 people and injured 12). Omar Mateen, (Responsible for the Orlando Pulse shooting which killed 49 people.) The Unabomber, (Ted Kaczynski is his real name, responsible for killing 3 people and injuring 23 by several bombs). And Carlos the jackal, (he killed 11 people and injured 100 in bombing attacks.) Are just the very few people who have terrorized our lives forever. What these men all have in

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