Organizational Profile : Jefferson Landscape And Irrigation Supply Essay

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Organizational Profile
Jefferson Landscape and Irrigation Supply is an organization founded in 1922 as Atlas Lawn Sprinkler, then changed to Jefferson Landscape and Irrigation Supply after David Jefferson acquired the organization. His philosophy of “a satisfied customer is a loyal customer” has been the foundation behind the success of the organization for more than 90 years and continues to be the driving force as the organization looks toward the future. Family Business Experts (n.d.) reported as of 2012, Jefferson Landscape and Irrigation Supply had been in business for 90 years and had grown to 188 locations in 21 states across the continental United States. Currently, the organization has expanded to 202 locations in 22 states and continues to grow whenever and wherever it is strategically prudent to do so. Jefferson Landscape and Irrigation Supply is and always will be a family owned business where relationships and honest hard work are the recipe for success. Family Business Experts (n.d.) again reported David’s daughter Sarah and son-in-law Paul, took over the operations of the company after David retired and eventually passed away, and now the third generation has assumed the role and Jefferson Landscape and Irrigation has grown to become one of the strongest and largest suppliers of landscape and irrigation products and services in the nation.
Discrimination Law and Its History
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