Organized Crime During the Roaring Twenties

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Organized Crime During the Roaring Twenties The 1920's, or the Roaring Twenties as this epoch is often referred to as, was a major turning point in America history. During this time period many American citizens believed and even acted out of hedonism. This mindset of the general population and along with other dilemmas led to a stunning and rapid increase in the amount of organized crime. The sudden uproar of organized crime during the 1920's was caused mainly by prohibition that gave rise to many street gangs, all with one man at its helm, which caused a massive increase in police forces. During the 1920's, the eighteenth amendment was enacted making the sale and consumption of alcohol illegal throughout the entire United States. This time period is referred to as the age of prohibition. Although the sale of alcohol was illegal many people still wanted to drink. This desire gave rise to many criminal organizations that would later specialize in the illegal act of bootlegging. These criminal organizations did not just stop at bootlegging. They soon realized the amount of money they could make so they quickly began to open their very own "businesses" for heinous criminal activities. These places where known as speakeasies and where created to better criminal organizations profits by illegally marketing alcohol. Along with the illegal marketing of alcohol, criminal organizations also opened houses of prostitution and began to participate in extremely dangerous gang wars,

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