Original American Culture Summary

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Susan described her economic status in Romania as upper middle class. She always felt that she had everything she needed. She had a lot of friends and a good education and she maintained straight A’s in school. She spent most of her time with extended family when her parents would get into physical altercations, furthermore; she felt it was the only way to escape the craziness. Susan stated that she went to church with her aunt and cousin and they practiced catholic faith. Although her household was dysfunctional she had a lot of support from her extended family. When her parents migrated to the United States her extended family stayed in Romania. Susan expressed that she was sad because she knew what her household would be like without her extended family’s support. Upon her arrival to the US, she felt that it was very difficult to adjust to the American culture. …show more content…

The (Hudnall Stamm, 2003) article reflects on the theory of cultural trauma in understanding disruptions where the “original” culture may suffer opposition of an “arriving” culture and it would result in vulnerabilities of individuals. This article relates to Susan’s experience in the United States were the children in her school represented the original American culture that could not embrace her cultural difference; whereas, it caused her to feel vulnerable and rejected. Susan mentioned that it was very hard to develop friendships especially adjusting to a new

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