Original Writing : The Tornado

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The Tornado Rural area with clay ditches following a narrow gravel road, the flat yard was covered in green grass and tall trees surrounding a newly built house. This is what I could see from my window after moving to a new town in Arkansas. There was a sense of loneliness because our house had only one other beside it and no one had purchased it yet. No other kids to play with just my younger sister. The air was crisp and six black crows landed in a row outside my window. I went outside to see what the view was like from the backyard. A fence surrounded an acre of yard with a swing set and sandbox ready to be enjoyed. There in the back of the property was a newly built shed that my parents built. They argued about every aspect of that building and wanted it to look perfect. I even helped paint it white. I was only five years old at the time but my mother’s constantly said “you’re never too late to learn how to set goals.” I only had one secret goal to grow up and matter to the world and stop moving all the time. At my young age of five this was my 8th house and neighborhood. I had a sense of being an outsider at school but especially in my family. My parents never let me go without the things I needed. I think my feelings of not mattering came from the diagnosis both my sister and I had of autism. We both were on opposite ends of the spectrum and mine was social problems hers was far more complicated. My parents began to take her to speech, physical, and occupational

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