Essay on Oscar Romero: School of the Americans

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Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez was a bishop from the Catholic Church in the Salvador. He turned out to be the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador after Luis Chavez in February of 1977. Bishop Romero was born in August 15 of 1917 and dies March 24 of 1980 in the Salvador. During his youth, he got accepted into a minor seminary in San Miguel when he was thirteen, then he was also got accepted to the national seminary in San Salvador but he got the opportunity to finish his studies at the Gregorian University in Rome where he became a Licentiate in Theology. Then Romero, stay over in Italy to finish his doctoral degree in Theology. Romero went back to El Salvador and saw the economic and social situation that the Salvadorians were going …show more content…

Many Salvadorians living in Aguilares were not only suffering from political conditions but also from social and economic condition power. Some of the social conditions that the Salvadorians living in Aguilares had were discrimination from the rich and the people in control. The poverty conditions were limitations of food, not living in decent housing, not having good health systems and no education being providing for them. Lastly, the people in control did not respect their rights. The poor and the rich were divided and an example for this is that the rich and the poor could not be in the same Catholic service or living in the same neighborhood. On the other hand, the social conditions of the rich were totally different from the poor. Their rights were respected, they enjoyed a good nutrition, a good education, a good decent housing and a decent health system. The economic condition of El Salvador varies between the poor and the rich. In this case, for the poor the economic condition was very hard because there were not many jobs and that was the only way for them to sustain their home and family but for the rich many of them had their own business and already had money from their past inheritances.
El Salvador was not running so well during this period of time and the people in control blame the campesinos (the poor people) because

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