Was Oskar Schindler A Hero

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Think about all of the great heroes in the world: Martin Luther King Jr, he showed numerous leadership qualities and Nelson Mandela, he was a peaceful and forgiving man. But then there is Oskar Schindler, a greedy, drunk, and unfaithful womanizer. Yet despite all of his flaws, he became the unlikely hero of over a thousand Jews. Now, how did such a man become a beloved hero? Well, I believe that this complicated man’s identity is made up of the people around him, where he lived, and his life experiences. The people that Oskar Schindler met contributed to his identity. When he bought his factory in Kraków, Poland, he hired an accountant by the name of Itzhak Stern. Stern was of Jewish faith and even though Schindler was a member of the Nazi Party, …show more content…

He bribed them, constantly gave them gifts and money to just be able to keep his workers safe and sound. Furthermore, at the time that Schindler was living in Poland, Hitler was making changes into both Germany and Poland. All of this forms his identity because he lived in a place where he was able to see and know about the horrors that the Nazis did. It made him come to understand how wrong the Nazis were. Now lastly, I believe that Schindler’s life experiences have made his identity. Throughout Schindler’s life, he’s gambled and bribed many people to get his way. Gambling and bribing aren’t very honorable things but they were some of his greatest assets. And surprisingly, it helped him save his Jewish workers. He used what he knew before - even if it was a bad thing - and used it for good. That was something very special Schindler could do. In conclusion, Oskar Schindler was really just an ordinary guy who did extraordinary things. Things that most of the Germans were too cowardly to do. And although Oskar Schindler did not fit the description of a good man, he showed that even the unlikeliest of people could be a hero. He was a man like no

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