Oskar Schindler And The Nazi Party

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The novel begins with some backstory on Schindler and describes how he arrived in Germany and occupied Poland for business pursuits. He grew up the son of a businessman and a Catholic mother in the German-speaking area of Czechoslovakia. He married young at age 20, but ignored his wife due to the amount of time he invested in his work and his social lifestyle. Oskar was not much of a political man, but initially supported the Nazi party and their endeavor to seize Poland, providing him with new business opportunities. His sociable nature helps him establish beneficial relationships with all kinds of people, including Nazi officials as well as Jewish businessmen. As the War had begun and the treatment of Jewish people had already turned …show more content…

But worst of all, if there was no shame, it meant there was official sanction” (Keneally 1993). After a chemist named Bachner escaped from a death camp and exposed the Nazis usage of gas chambers, the sympathy for the Jews increased, including Schindler who now believed that he must work against the Nazis. He continued to hire Jews at his factory until Nazi SS Commandant Amon Goeth was put in charge of closing the Krakow ghetto by sending 2,000 Jewish inhabitants to Auschwitz and transporting 10,000 to a camp in Plaszow. Schindler began having thoughts to himself about the treatment of the Jews, such as “if God made man in His image, which race is most like Him? Is a Pole more like Him than a Czech?” (Keneally 1993). The ghetto was closed and all the Jews were moved but Schindler managed to have his Jewish workers cleared to travel to his factory. Plaszow was worse than the ghetto, as many died from sickness, exhaustion, or just killed for sport by Goeth, who oversaw the camp. Schindler sought out permission to build his own sub-camp near his factory, and although it looked the same as the Plaszow camp, the Jews are treated more humanely. Schindler encouraged his friends Itzhak Stern and German photographer, Raimund Titsch to expose the truth of the horrible

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