Othello Persuasive Speech

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The famous author, Orson Card, once wrote:
"Welcome to the human race. Nobody controls his own life, Ender. The best you can do is choose to fill the roles given [to] you by good people, by people who love you."

So basically, this quote is about following the guidance and advice of your friends, and to do so you basically have to have faith in them.

But what happens when the "good people ... who love you" are actually guiding you in the wrong direction, trying to ruin your life. I'm sure for me, and everyone here we've known someone like this. They've created drama and they've torn friendships apart.

Just like in our lives and in the case of the play, Othello, Othello didn't have a good person who was looking out for …show more content…

And when she seemed to shake and fear your looks,
She loved them most. "
Act 3 Scene 3 Lines 210-215
Iago is reminding Othello that Desdemona is a good liar and good at deceiving her father who she was supposed to be loyal to. This proves that planted more doubt in Othello's mind, which ultimately led to Iago being responsible for Othello's tragedy.

3. With Iago sowing seeds of doubt in Othello's mind, this also contributed to Othello not being in the right state of mind at the time when he murdered Desdemona.

* Othello's mindset was altered mainly due to Othello being manipulated by Iago. Othello trusted Iago and Iago knew what strings to pull. Because of this, Othello wasn't thinking on his own, he was being controlled by Iago. He was acting on somebody else's agenda.

* Othello also felt very alone which altered his mindset because of Iago's manipulation. He was betrayed by Desdemona and he could no longer trust Cassio and he felt isolated from everybody else. He was a different person, so he wasn't thinking properly therefore not in the right mindset.

* Another reason is because Othello's emotions started to take over and control him. And as a man in the military, his natural reaction was to act quickly and solve the problem. His jealousy had taken over when he killed Desdemona and he wasn't thinking straight therefore not in the right state of mind. This

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