Other Disciplines Of Social Psychology

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Psychology is the scientific study of how people operate, believe, and experience.
1.2 Social Psychology Social psychology studies scientifically how people take action feel and sense in the context of society. That is, how people's behaviors, opinion, and approach change because of other people.
Scientific study refers to the experimental method of examination The terms judgment thoughts, and behaviors include all psychological variables that are measureable in a human being. The observation that presence of others can be anticipated or suggests that we are directed to social influence even when no other person is present, such as when watching TV, or following internalized civilized norms. Social psychologists typically describe human behavior as a consequence of the interaction of …show more content…

It is the study of human civilization. Anthropologists study the beliefs and customs of society. Their focus on society is intact, whereas social psychologists want to study the way society affects the opinion, mind-set, and behaviors of individuals.
Anthropologists might study certain religious civilization, such as the way different Christian churches celebrate Easter. But social psychologists are concerned with the individual people's dealings with society, so they might study how religious people act differently from non-religious people in certain situations.
It has a lot in frequent with social psychology. Sociologists, like anthropologists, study society as a whole. But instead of looking at the attitude and way of life of society, their focus is on organizations and how those organizations contact with the individuals within them. Like social psychologists, sociologists are interested in the connection of society and the individual. But sociologists are more paying attention on society, and social psychologists are more focused on the individual.

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