Our Assignment This Week Asks Us To Write A Paper That

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Our assignment this week asks us to write a paper that tells our thoughts on what the repercussions might be of applying a Western World theory in a non-Western area. Personally, I find this a hard quest considering there is nowhere in the civilized world that is not extremely influenced by the Western World. Even the Arab nations are influenced by the Western Worlds need for fossil fuels. Granted the western culture has not been completely accepted in all parts of the world since some people are against the approaches of the western culture naming it as oppressive and that it slights alternate societies calling them barbaric and savage. Western culture still exists in mixed forms. Today, Western culture has appeared in all nations on…show more content…
After all, different people may share the same type of problems, but we all have our own way of dealing with our problems. Nonwestern world societies may be easily offended if they think that western world societies feel their way is best no matter what. Therefore, when a western world theory is applied to a non-western region, then it might happen that it does not cover entire aspects of the non-western region. Consequently, non-western regions will suffer from this limitation (Young, 2014). In the present era, several non-western regions are adopting lots of cultural traits of western world such as their dressing style. However, there is still a huge dissimilarity in the culture of the western world and non-western regions. This means then that when a non-western world theory is to be applied devoid of examining its cultural effects, then it may lead to the cultural disputes. The reason for it is that people of each culture give a huge respect to their respective culture. If the western world theory disrupts the cultural norms of any specific group of people, then the people of targeted culture may raise voice against the western world or its applied theory. However, some people do like the aspects of applied western theory and desire to alter their own cultural aspects with the western culture, but it is risky since it relies on how the people think, and
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