Essay on Our Nightmare to Guatemala

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Dearest Journal, We have been lost to the world. As I stated in my previous entry, Corban, Drew, Abi, Hannah, Samii, and I were on our way to Guatemala for spring break. Today everything was going so well then the Seneca started to dive. The engine had failed and the sickening knowing that we were going to crash hit hard. We broke through the low cloud cover and instead of seeing water we hurtled toward an island. The last thing I remember happening before we hit was the trees breaking the wings off and something hitting my head. When I came to, everyone seemed ok. Abi had staggered toward a stream washing blood off of her arms and face. Hannah and Samii were by the tail section holding each other, stunned. Neither one of them look …show more content…

Once he was on the ground, I quickly tied a tourniquet with my belt just above his knee and formed a rough split. He would need medical attention soon. We made a stretcher. Corban was awake and aware of the situation now. We were going to have to move him. Without the proper pain medication… “Corban, we have to move you to the beach. It is going to be extremely painful. You can yell and scream as much as you want. We will try to make it as easy as possible. Okay?” I said. He looked at me with understanding eyes, nodded his head, and gritted his teeth. “Alright everyone, this is going to be difficult but not impossible we have to move as one person. Drew and Abi will take the front of the stretcher Samii and Hannah the sides. I will take the back. Any questions? Alright. Drew and I will lift Corban up while the rest of you slide the stretcher under him ok?” Solemnly nodding, we slowly lift Corban. He let out a blood curdling scream. The girls stunned for a moment shook it off and move the stretcher underneath him. We gently put him down. His breathing was fast and his pallid face dripped with sweat. “Alright let’s go.” The rest of the day was comparatively easy to getting Corban down to the beach. Hannah never let go of his hand and Samii soothingly talked to him interrupted by the stark cry of a human in immense pain. We got to the beach and

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