Our Society Is Overly Materialistic. We Center Our Lives on Acquiring Material Things at the Expense of Such Traditional Values as Family and Education.

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Topic 2 " Our society is overly materialistic. We center our lives on acquiring material things at the expense of such traditional values as family and education."

I agree with the issue that our society is becoming too materialistic. People are involved into a commercial world and forget their responsibilities to this society. The traditional value is taken place by materialistic culture. This is because that there is too much temptation to resist in this world, such as luxurious cars, vacations and clothes of brand names.

Parents do not spend enough time with their children. Today's children get more and fancier toys to play. Parents buy these toys to please their children. However, parents would not to sit down with the children …show more content…

Similarly, children's birthday consume too much. To celebrate a birthday party, the parents usually pay about $150.00 to a fun place such as McDonald's, Chucky cheeses, or children's gym for a birthday party and spend at least $100 more for gifts, goodie bags and birthday cakes. When I was a child, my family birthday tradition was that I should do some housework for my mom because I needed to remember this special day was mother's suffering day. As the feedback, mom gave me an egg as the gift, which mean I was always her lovely baby. The traditional family value taught us to express love, joy and gratitude. However, it is disregarded.

At last, today's marriage is getting involved into materialism as well. True love is changing to the relationship of money. People do not treat marriage as serious as before. So many young girls are having sex with rich men. A young girl told me, "Marriage is my bridge to be the rich. Meanwhile, many people do not want take the traditional family responsibilities because they are strongly influenced by materialism. For example, my cousin, a 42-year-old successful man, wound not marry one of his girlfriends. He said, "Family duties are too much. Comparing with spending too much money of raising children, I prefer to enjoy single's life as spending money on luxurious things for myself." Family values become very poor in some people's mind.

Given these facts, I conclude that our society is overly materialistic. The materialism

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