Our Team, the Metrobots, Use STEM Essay

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The words spoken by William Pollard in 1828 continue to hold truth and meaning for FRC Team 3324. His sentament can be seen through our work as a team, in our school, and in the community. For example, the methods of the past may not apply today, therefore, the Metrobots have embraced and spread the innovation taught by FIRST to their community and beyond. This is demonstrated through contemporary learning in a world where technology is ever-advancing.... To this team, success is defined through positive actions both on and off the field that impact our school and the community. We accomplish this by helping those in need and incorporating STEM into the everyday lives of those they encounter, such as FLL, fundraisers, and volunteering. …show more content…

Similarly, robotics is a natural extension of what students are already practicing through the foundation that Metro provides. In an attempt to promote FIRST and innovation into the community, the Metrobots focus on the use of their fabrication lab. In addition to common tools, the Metrobot lab includes a CNC machine and three 3D printers. This broad selection allows the team to produce plastic, aluminum, and wood products which are used to assist the team in promoting FIRST. Additionally, the Metrobots utilize their resources to practice gracious professionalism and collaboration. 3324 offers other teams free manufacturing services and produces awards for off-season robotics events, including the competition annually directed by CORI, or Central Ohio Robotics Initiative. Furthermore, the Metrobots manage several social networking accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, and Inventables,which allow them to not only partner with FIRST teams, but to reach out to those unaquanited with the program. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, the team is able to engage viewers with regular updates describing the advancements and achievements of the team whereas Etsy and Inventables serve as outlets to emphasize the ideals of FIRST through showcasing the team's fabricated items. Utilizing the connection that social networking

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