Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell

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Outliers, written by Malcolm Gladwell, examines the wonder of high achievement, and success frequently attributed to the hard work, determination, and specific talent in individuals. Gladwell succeeds at analyzing judgments and cultural epidemics, while putting his thesis into view, and explaining his proof through a series of short, exemplifying accounts. Stressing the fact that hard work is a crucial factor in becoming successful, Gladwell does not deduct the need for discrete skills. Factors such as timing, situations, and cultural heritage play a critical role in the success stories within his book. Not only being a well renowned book about success, but Outliers is Gladwell’s song to these silent successors. Gladwell outlines great successors and the conditions that surround their success in part one of Outliers by explaining the fundamental factors of the people and races he mentioned. Factors such as what opportunities they had, kind of life were they brought up to live such as childhood and much more. Going past what a typical person would look for in a story of success, Gladwell examines every little detail in order to determine the success itself. For example, Gladwell wouldn’t judge a man on whether he went to college or not but had the thinking process of a mastermind. That is because many successors known today lack the practical intelligence but dominates in the analytical intelligence. Hard work is believed to lead anyone to great success in today’s world.

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