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Elda Espinoza
May 9, 2016
Sociology 101
By Malcolm Gladwell
The Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell attempts to explain the reasons why people become successful in both controlled and uncontrolled environment. He uses different stories and studies to explain what makes a person who there are. For example, in chapter one Gladwell says that successful hockey players if born early in the calendar year this will make them stand out physically among other boys who are several months younger than they are. Gladwell says that over time, the opportunities that these players have has help them build up to make them better players. So, Gladwell uses a sociological perspective to try to explain the reasons for people's success. …show more content…

When we look at outliers, when we look at success stories, if we look closely enough, we see lives with opportunity from the start. To illustrate the importance of culture in success, Gladwell relates a story of a Colombian pilot who most likely crashed a plane because, even with diminishing fuel, he wasn't assertive enough to stand up to the intimidating control tower agents and demand to land. Cultures that encourage passive submission to hierarchy, or who phrase their questions in subtle, vague euphemisms, may find themselves at a disadvantage in some situations, such as the airplane cockpit. Other times, your culture works for you. For example, Gladwell explains that Asians who spent centuries working in rice paddies, a type of farming that requires meticulous care all year long, passed on this work ethic to their posterity. Many of the inheritors of the rice-paddy culture apply the same diligence in their schoolwork. This diligence, of course, brings more success.
I found this book to be an eye opener to many things that I never really paid attitude to. We all want to believe that where we come from and who we are does not affect what we will be come. Yes all have heard it before you can be what you want to be as long as you work hard for it. But really many things that people would like to be are out of reached for the simple fact that you are not in the right class of people. Even thought

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