Outline And Explanation Of An Stole Driving License Of A Man Named Mr Durlabh Patel

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Summarise and explain:
An impostor stole the driving license of a man named Mr Durlabh Patel. The impostor brought the driver license with him to the showrooms of a car dealer where he used the stolen driver license as a proof of identity and introduced himself as Mr Patel to the sales manager Mr Bailey. The impostor wanted to buy a car and they agreed a price for a hire-purchase agreement. The impostor filled out the hire-purchase agreement form produced by Mr Bailey by providing the name and address of Mr Patel and forged a signature matching that on the driving license. Mr. Bailey called the hire-purchase company Shogun Finance (the claimant) and gave them the details the impostor had provided to its relevant staff. Then he faxed to the company a copy of the stolen driving license and a draft agreement completed by the fraudster. After checking the credit history of the person whose name was on the driving license, Shogun Finance agreed on the sale. The impostor paid the 10% deposit partly in cash and partly by cheque, which was later found to be dishonoured. The impostor took the car and sold it to the defendant, Mr Hudson, a private purchaser. Mr Hudson bought the vehicle in good faith without know anything that had happened before. The impostor then vanished.
Shogun Finance filed a suit against Mr. Hudson, claiming return of the car or its value in lieu. The defendant contended that he had the title to the vehicle by referring to section 27 of the Hire-Purchase Act…

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